Don’t Feed the Cats

At the end of a long main road, is an old silo that kind of looms in the distance until you are at the T junction of the road, where it then towers over your in a formidable fashion. It’s dirty, rusted, littered with trash, and still a beautiful construct to me. Every time I drive by it, I can’t help but stare up and up to the tops of the metal bins. I finally took some time to capture parts of the structure and did not get hit with any pigeon poop during my outing. :-p


One response to “Don’t Feed the Cats”

  1. Mom Avatar

    I don’t know if those are feed silos or not, but the second picture reminded me of Grandpa Arlis. When we still lived in Beaumont, he worked for Alber’s Milling. One day he was inside one of those silos, fixing something. Someone didn’t realize he was in there and turned on the part of the silo that makes the feed come out. There wasn’t even any feed in there. But the thing that makes the feed come out is like a giant propeller. Grandpa Arlis had to jump it over and over for an hour, yelling to someone to turn it off. It could have killed him and he sure was exhausted when he got home. Can you imagine? Love the pictures. I like that sort of thing too.

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