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  • Fats LaBell & Sun Umbra

    Fats LaBell & Sun Umbra

    Ohh man have I really enjoyed listening to these two bands come out with their first albums. Fats LaBell is a soul psych rock band created by Tony Montanez of Fresno, CA and Sun Umbra is a psych rock band based out of Fresno, CA. Most of the members are in both bands, but they…

  • Downtown Fresno in the Morning

    Downtown Fresno in the Morning

    The cold finally hit Fresno which means the ability to go take photos without dying in the sun. I drove to downtown Fresno to see if there was anything interesting to capture on this sleepy early morning Sunday. I saw this cool view from the top of a overpass, so I swung around to park…

  • Downtown Fresno at Night

    Downtown Fresno at Night

    Sometimes when I get antsy, I like to just take off in my car to capture some street photos. This was one of those nights. I headed downtown and went to the top of a parking garage to take photos of a band that was playing at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden. I don’t know who…

  • Beamer Steamer

    Beamer Steamer

    Nothing more fun that getting together with your girlfriends and hitting the pavement on 8 wheels. Todd Beamer Park is the place I injured my tail bone when I was a baby skater. I’m glad I can finally come back and skate it without breaking out in a nervous sweat. haha!

  • A Night Out

    A Night Out

    Every now and then, an afternoon beer with a friend turns into pizza at Richie’s and whiskey at Lucy’s. These are some moments I captured on a night out.

  • Don’t Feed the Cats

    Don’t Feed the Cats

    At the end of a long main road, is an old silo that kind of looms in the distance until you are at the T junction of the road, where it then towers over your in a formidable fashion. It’s dirty, rusted, littered with trash, and still a beautiful construct to me. Every time I…

  • The Last Dregs of +

    The Last Dregs of +

    When I did the 365 photo a day challenge, I took a ton of photos that didn’t get selected to be the photo of the day. Historically, they have gone under my “+” posts and are just an oddball collection of things I took during the day. As I’m getting close to the end of…

  • The Jules Winnfield – Basement Rehearsal

    The Jules Winnfield – Basement Rehearsal

    I had the pleasure of getting to photograph a rehearsal for the album release show of The Jules Winnfield. It was in the basement of an art studio and sounded so amazing! I went with black and white photos, because the basement was so dark that the photos ended up turning pretty grainy due to…

  • Tower Theater “No ReZone” Protests

    Tower Theater “No ReZone” Protests

    Over the past few months, the area where I live has been having a protest to protect an old theater that has been a staple of this community for decades. A church has been in the process of buying the theater, but that has stirred up multiple issues with people in the area. There are…

  • Jury Duty – Downtown Fresno, CA

    Jury Duty – Downtown Fresno, CA

    Got called (and thankfully released) from Jury Duty a few weeks ago. Got a chance to take some photos of Downtown Fresno while having free parking on one of the big parking towers. The view was amazing and I love old brick buildings, which is showcased heavily downtown. I’m so glad I brought my camera…

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