THIS NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON SO BAD! Haven’t updated it since 2011!! I’ll leave the old stuff up till I have time to work on this page. 🙂

Who – I’m a 27 (as of April ’11)  year old California girl with a penchant for dancing and a talent for making a fool of myself.

Why – Because I love photography.  And even if I’m never a big hot shot photographer making money, I can still enjoy this hobby which I love.

More – I’m currently a hospital unit secretary for the medical/surgical wing and will be going into the nursing program August of ’11.

Hobbies – I used to be an avid dancer and although the physical part of me dancing isn’t happening anymore, I’m still a great lover of the art and a whole lot of other kinds of dance. I also love photography and some day I want to have a little dark room for cool black and white photos.  If THAT doesn’t work then I’m going to get an awesomely cool digital camera and do my “dark room” stuff with photoshop. ;) Oh and I love fashion, music, movies, camping, and traveling among many other things.


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