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  • Fats LaBell & Sun Umbra

    Fats LaBell & Sun Umbra

    Ohh man have I really enjoyed listening to these two bands come out with their first albums. Fats LaBell is a soul psych rock band created by Tony Montanez of Fresno, CA and Sun Umbra is a psych rock band based out of Fresno, CA. Most of the members are in both bands, but they…

  • A Night Out

    A Night Out

    Every now and then, an afternoon beer with a friend turns into pizza at Richie’s and whiskey at Lucy’s. These are some moments I captured on a night out.

  • + Part Thirteen

    + Part Thirteen

    I’ve been wanting a new camera for quite some time, and finally pulled the trigger and got the Canon R6!! I love it so much and I’m learning how to do new things with it every day. One of the most fun things I’ve come across, is the fact you can do double exposures WITHOUT…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge – Days 11-20

    Photo-a-Day Challenge – Days 11-20

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but here we go with days 11 through 20 of my photo-a-day challenge! 11/365 – 3.10.21 March Thunder Storm Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Fresno, CA 12/365 – 3.11.21 Tower District Records Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Tower District Records –…

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