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  • Downtown Fresno in the Morning

    Downtown Fresno in the Morning

    The cold finally hit Fresno which means the ability to go take photos without dying in the sun. I drove to downtown Fresno to see if there was anything interesting to capture on this sleepy early morning Sunday. I saw this cool view from the top of a overpass, so I swung around to park…

  • Downtown Fresno at Night

    Downtown Fresno at Night

    Sometimes when I get antsy, I like to just take off in my car to capture some street photos. This was one of those nights. I headed downtown and went to the top of a parking garage to take photos of a band that was playing at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden. I don’t know who…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 121-130

    Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 121-130

    Another ten days of my 365 photo a day challenge! Even though I’m on day 180 something, it’s been really fun to go back and see what I’ve shot in the past. I feel like this collection of ten days showed some growth with more abstract photography, but also some really nice shots with good…

  • 10 Day Round Up – Part Four!

    10 Day Round Up – Part Four!

    Recap! I’m doing a 365 photo a day challenge over on Instagram @classicnutmeg (personal account) / @grayandivory (photo account), but every 10 days I’ll drop all of them into one post on this website. I started the challenge on my non-birthday (leap year baby here!) on February 28th, 2021. I’m using a Canon Rebel T2i…

  • Ten Day Round Up!

    Ten Day Round Up!

    I’ve been doing a 365 photo-a-day challenge on my Instagram page @grayandivory, but some days I have more than just one photo that I liked out of the bunch. I was going to do a monthly update of the (what I have labeled) “+” photos, but it’s starting to get pretty full, so I’m doing…

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