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  • Five Year Anniversary

    Five Year Anniversary

    Bear with me as I try to figure out why my photos are showing up a lot smaller when I embed them from another site instead of uploading them directly to this blog. I have a question out in the ether but it’s going to take a bit to get a response. In the meantime,…

  • Umbrella Magic

    Umbrella Magic

    One rainy day, one amazing holographic umbrella, one camera in my hands.

  • + Part Fifteen

    + Part Fifteen

    Late post! But here is another collection of photos I took while doing my 365 photo a day challenge! Hope you enjoy.

  • Ward Lake – Part One

    Ward Lake – Part One

    My husband and I headed up to California’s High Sierra’s to go camping for vacation this summer. For those local, Ward Lake is between Florence Lake and Edison Lake on the Kaiser Pass. It’s near Mono Hot Springs so gets a little hot spring water in it which makes it super nice to swim in…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge – Days 11-20

    Photo-a-Day Challenge – Days 11-20

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but here we go with days 11 through 20 of my photo-a-day challenge! 11/365 – 3.10.21 March Thunder Storm Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Fresno, CA 12/365 – 3.11.21 Tower District Records Shot with a Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Tower District Records –…

  • Hume Lake, CA – Thunderstorm

    Hume Lake, CA – Thunderstorm

    Enjoyed the view of a thunderstorm roll through the mountains of the Sequoia’s. Hume Lake, CA

  • Rainy Crazy Photo Shoot Day

    Rainy Crazy Photo Shoot Day

    One fine rainy morning I set out to take photos of an old barn I drive by on my way to work. It wasn’t raining when I left, but when I got there – it was pouring. This was the days results.

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