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  • Five Year Anniversary

    Five Year Anniversary

    Bear with me as I try to figure out why my photos are showing up a lot smaller when I embed them from another site instead of uploading them directly to this blog. I have a question out in the ether but it’s going to take a bit to get a response. In the meantime,…

  • Ward Lake – Part Three

    Ward Lake – Part Three

    Part three of Ward Lake. Critters and burned forest. Day Four

  • Ward Lake – Part Two

    Ward Lake – Part Two

    Here we go with Part Two of my Ward Lake camping trip. If this is the first time you are seeing a post on Ward Lake, check out Part One to get more of a backstory. Day Three

  • Ward Lake – Part One

    Ward Lake – Part One

    My husband and I headed up to California’s High Sierra’s to go camping for vacation this summer. For those local, Ward Lake is between Florence Lake and Edison Lake on the Kaiser Pass. It’s near Mono Hot Springs so gets a little hot spring water in it which makes it super nice to swim in…

  • Photo-a-day Challenge Days 61-70

    Photo-a-day Challenge Days 61-70

    Another ten day drop of my 365 photo-a-day challenge! I love getting to look back at these photos and remember what was happening that day. It’s just a tiny glimpse into my every day, and it’s cool to look back at the documentation of that. 61/365 – 4.29.21 Dria’s First Birthday Shot with Canon Rebel…

  • Shaver Lake, California

    Shaver Lake, California

    I needed some downtime and R&R, so I booked a cabin that my husband and I stay at for our anniversary in Shaver Lake for four days. It was peaceful, quiet, and exactly a time of rest I was looking for. But as much as it was a nice getaway, it was touched with sadness…

  • Too Many Days Have Passed… Part Three

    Too Many Days Have Passed… Part Three

    To recap – I’m doing a 365 photo a day challenge on Instagram at @grayandivory and also @classicnutmeg. It’s the same photos, just my personal and photo account. I come up with more than one singular photo to post in a day, so that’s where I get the photo dump on here! You’ll see similar…

  • Ward Lake July 2020

    It’s been since 2007 that I have camped at Ward Lake. I began to think that I had hyped it up in my child mind so much, that it couldn’t possibly be as pretty as I remembered it. But no. It is as beautiful as I remember…maybe even more so when you have been stuck…

  • Stars

    Well…I tried a thing.  And it was very hard to do!  And the output wasn’t quite what I wanted.  But ya know what?  Sometimes that is how things go. I enjoyed the experience immensely and had a little honey next to me, egging me on to keep trying so that was quite wonderful. And goodness…

  • Thanksgiving In Yosemite

    Thanksgiving In Yosemite

    Since I worked Thanksgiving, my parents and I decided to head up to Yosemite to have an early turkey day without turkey at the Ahwahnee Hotel

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