Torn Glass Scorched the Moon

  • The Last Dregs of +

    The Last Dregs of +

    When I did the 365 photo a day challenge, I took a ton of photos that didn’t get selected to be the photo of the day. Historically, they have gone under my “+” posts and are just an oddball collection of things I took during the day. As I’m getting close to the end of…

  • Let It Grow – Fresno, CA

    Let It Grow – Fresno, CA

    An acquaintance of mine opened this sweet plant shop during the pandemic, when her previous job got shut down at the beginning of the quarantine. It’s a beautiful bright spot, with enough space for other small business owners to sell their wares. I asked the owner Kelly if I could take some photos of her…

  • Record Store Day – April 2022

    Record Store Day – April 2022

    One of my favorite days of the year is Record Store Day, and this year did not disappoint. After two years of not being able to actually go into a record store for the momentous day, I got to experience it full on with music, food, and vinyl buffs I’ve gotten to know through a…

  • Grazin Rose

    Grazin Rose

    Food photography is an incredibly interesting and challenging way of taking photos. It’s something that I aspire to do, but in my practicing of it, I haven’t felt like I’ve caught that something that makes it look great. I think part of it is that I’m not setting up food to take photos like you’d…

  • Saint Joaquin Modern Jazz Night

    Saint Joaquin Modern Jazz Night

    My husband had a gig playing modern jazz at a natural wine bar, and these are some of my favorite photos from that night. Paired down 800+ photos to 91 edited, and then 25 favorites. 🙂 It was 4.5 hours of coffee shop time. Chris Janzen – Guitar Spee Kosloff – Upright Bass Ethan –…

  • Columbia, CA – Gold Rush Town

    Columbia, CA – Gold Rush Town

    Headed to Sonora and then Columbia, CA in search of large stained glass and a last vacation before my partner in crime started teaching again this Fall. We got to mine for gold, take professional “old timey” photos, hang with a friend who was in town at the same time, and do our first “Escape…

  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden

    Last week I got some R&R with my husband and a couple of friends, in an amazing Air BNB in Guerneville, CA. It’s next to the Russian River and is coastal mountains with a small tourist town. The space we stayed at had a creek that ran right next to the property, so every morning…

  • Umbrella Magic

    Umbrella Magic

    One rainy day, one amazing holographic umbrella, one camera in my hands.

  • + Part Fifteen

    + Part Fifteen

    Late post! But here is another collection of photos I took while doing my 365 photo a day challenge! Hope you enjoy.

  • Fourth Anniversary – Part Two

    Fourth Anniversary – Part Two

    For the second and last day of our anniversary trip, we decided to do a little shopping before lunch, go to the beach, and stop by Casa de Fruta on the way home. Weather was fantastic, so we got to eat outside on the patio for our sushi lunch. We stumbled across this store called…

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