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  • Five Year Anniversary

    Five Year Anniversary

    Bear with me as I try to figure out why my photos are showing up a lot smaller when I embed them from another site instead of uploading them directly to this blog. I have a question out in the ether but it’s going to take a bit to get a response. In the meantime,…

  • Foggy Day Schedule

    Foggy Day Schedule

    I grew up in a small town in the rural Central Valley of California called Kingsburg. It was founded by Swedes over a couple of centuries ago and is called “little Sweden.” It is surrounded by farmland, so after some good rainy days, the area is coated with thick fog. I had wanted to capture…

  • Thanksgiving in Connecticut

    Thanksgiving in Connecticut

    My husband is from Connecticut and the first time I got to go to the East Coast, was to meet his family at Thanksgiving the first year we were dating. I instantly fell in love with the crisp weather, design of the houses, and rolling hilly woods. Last November was probably our last because of…

  • The Last Dregs of +

    The Last Dregs of +

    When I did the 365 photo a day challenge, I took a ton of photos that didn’t get selected to be the photo of the day. Historically, they have gone under my “+” posts and are just an oddball collection of things I took during the day. As I’m getting close to the end of…

  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden

    Last week I got some R&R with my husband and a couple of friends, in an amazing Air BNB in Guerneville, CA. It’s next to the Russian River and is coastal mountains with a small tourist town. The space we stayed at had a creek that ran right next to the property, so every morning…

  • Fourth Anniversary – Part Two

    Fourth Anniversary – Part Two

    For the second and last day of our anniversary trip, we decided to do a little shopping before lunch, go to the beach, and stop by Casa de Fruta on the way home. Weather was fantastic, so we got to eat outside on the patio for our sushi lunch. We stumbled across this store called…

  • + Part Fourteen

    + Part Fourteen

    Heeeeere we go with some more EXTRA photos I took while doing my 365 day photo challenge. I’m particularly happy with this set! Enjoy!

  • Ward Lake – Part Five

    Ward Lake – Part Five

    Day Six and the end of our journey at Ward Lake. It’s always bittersweet to come home, but except for some bear activity, we had such a wonderful trip! Can’t wait for the snow to melt so that we can go back next summer. 😀

  • Ward Lake – Part Four

    Ward Lake – Part Four

    Day five at Ward Lake, I got to hike around a bit and see the mountainside from different vantages. It was a beautiful day! Hope you enjoy these photos.

  • Ward Lake – Part Three

    Ward Lake – Part Three

    Part three of Ward Lake. Critters and burned forest. Day Four

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