Downtown Fresno in the Morning

The cold finally hit Fresno which means the ability to go take photos without dying in the sun. I drove to downtown Fresno to see if there was anything interesting to capture on this sleepy early morning Sunday. I saw this cool view from the top of a overpass, so I swung around to park and make my way to the top. I feel like the view to the west looks so “California” with the palm trees. A thought I don’t usually associate with Fresno.

I also watched a skillshare video on how to edit color in Lightroom and took some of the tips to the color version of these photos. I like how they turned out! Makes it more interesting looking in my opinion.


2 responses to “Downtown Fresno in the Morning”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Love these! Especially the overpass with the streetlights, my personal fav.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    Great photos!

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