Fourth Anniversary – Part One – Casanova Restaurant

My husband and I decided to go to Carmel-by-the-Sea for one night for our four year anniversary trip. It was a blissful two days, and even though I made all the reservations the day before we left, everything turned out just right. From the hotel which had a private balcony and fireplace, to the restaurant that had a special table brought from France that Vincent van Gogh ate at, it was a magical trip all around. The photos below are from day one, where we ate at Casanova Restaurant. I ate escargot for the first time (it was tasty!) and we both enjoyed the romantic atmosphere. Here’s to many more years and great food!


One response to “Fourth Anniversary – Part One – Casanova Restaurant”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    These are great! And you’ll have them forever! Happy anniversary!!!!!

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