Shaver Lake, California

I needed some downtime and R&R, so I booked a cabin that my husband and I stay at for our anniversary in Shaver Lake for four days. It was peaceful, quiet, and exactly a time of rest I was looking for. But as much as it was a nice getaway, it was touched with sadness after seeing Shaver for the first time since the Creek Fire last summer. I hadn’t realized how close the fire got to the main town, and less than a mile from where I was staying. Driving up towards Huntington Lake, I was overwhelmed with shock and awe as I got a clearer picture of the destruction of the fire. I’m happy our little cabin stayed intact, but feel for those who lost their homes last summer.

Here are some of the photos I took during my mini vacation.


One response to “Shaver Lake, California”

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    These are so amazing Punkin. I hope that area is like Mt. St. Helens and recovers it’s beauty much earlier than anticipated.

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